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PEARL Quality Assurance | Voyten Electric & Electronics

Voyten Electric is one of the founding members of PEARL - the Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League. Founded in 1997, PEARL acts as the professional trade organization of companies who supply quality surplus and remanufactured electrical equipment and apparatus.

The mission of PEARL is to create a marketable distinction in quality, safety, and integrity for PEARL members in the eyes of their customers. Safety of the product user is the highest priority for PEARL members. It is the driving motivation behind our standards and our work.

PEARL Quality Assurance - Voyten Electric & Electronics

Membership in PEARL is offered to those who qualify as:

  • Recyclers
  • Vendors
  • Associates

The members of PEARL must meet strict technical, safety, and operational requirements as well as commit to the safe reconditioning and remanufacturing of electrical apparatus and equipment that has previously been in service.

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