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Voyten Electric & Electronics, Inc. is a third-generation family owned electrical equipment wholesaler that was started by the late John Voyten in 1953. John was born on October 31st, 1926 in Lucerne Mines, PA. At seventeen, he joined the United States Army Air Corps and became part of the 315th Bombardment Wing in World War II. John’s time in the Army gave him the opportunity to learn about electrical engineering in the Leechburg collieries. He later became certified as a master electrician in the coal mines. He also received a degree from Michigan Technical Institute in 1949.

After John returned from his time in the Army, he established a small shop in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania. In this shop he rewound motors. A few years later the construction of PA Highway 51 forced the shop to close and the Voyten family to move. The move landed them in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania where John owned two coal mines named after his daughters and wife, Cheryl Ann and Bonnie Kay.

When the mines closed, John moved to the East Cleveland area and opened a shop in Willoughby, Ohio, where he started working with Silicon Controlled Rectifiers. During this time, Tom Nightingale was working for John and dating his daughter Bonnie. Tom and Bonnie were married in 1971, and one year later, their son Michael was born while Tom was serving six years in the US Navy. In the meantime, John longed to get back to his roots in Pennsylvania, so he purchased a piece of property along a known trout stream in the Franklin area. Voyten Electric broke ground at its new location in the early 1970s. John, who was an animal lover, saw promise in the wooded areas of the new business site as not only a picturesque place to raise his family, but also as a continuous opportunity for expansion.

Voyten Electric continued to grow and evolve, Tom completed an associates degree program in Electrical Engineering. Shortly after this, John retired to Florida, where he continued to endeavor in the business but at a retired pace. Tom ,Bonnie and Cheryl kept his spirit alive by continuing to grow and evolve the business, growing from 7500 square feet and 3 employees in 1975, to 35000 square feet and 20 employees by 2000. As Mike got older, he began working in the summers for the company and came to work full time after college in 1997. Mike always had an interest in his family’s business and earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from Ohio Northern University and a Masters of Business Administration from Gannon University. A year later Mike became President of the business, thus making Voyten Electric & Electronics, Inc. a third-generation family owned business.

Mike Nightingale is the current president of the company, and he follows in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps by making Voyten Electric and Electronics, Inc. a prominent name in the field of remanufactured electrical equipment. The two main 200,000-square-foot facilities remain on 440 acres of land in the Allegheny Valley, and since the move to Franklin, the company has acquired two more locations. Today, Voyten Electric has a team of approximately 45 employees, consisting of many seasoned technicians with a broad range of skills and expertise. Voyten also boasts a large and knowledgeable sales force that has worked to maintain a presence in the United States as well as an international presence.

Voyten Electric was started as a family business in an industry that is continuously changing. Today, Voyten Electric and Electronics, Inc. is still a family business that has become a constant for others in the industry. Voyten is not a big corporation or a private equity firm, so customers can be confident that each inquiry or sale will be handled personally by a member of Voyten Electric’s professional sales staff. Mike and his parents share a common vision for the future of Voyten Electric, in hopes that one day Voyten will be a fourth-generation family owned business which will continue to be a primary source for all your electrical equipment needs.

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